Fall Health Physicals

With sports and in-person schooling coming back this fall, LIG Solutions wants to remind all to have their annual physical with a family medical physical or primary care provider. Now is the time to get this scheduled before practices begin to know risks and to be as safe as possible entering sports.  During your visit, …

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Health Insurance Scams

Here is your “healthcare beware” reminder. As the world has shifted virtually, so has the increase of health insurance scams. This is one of the biggest concerns in fraudulent and illegal activity. LIG Solutions wants you to be alert and aware of communications for health coverage.  First and foremost, be mindful of where you give …

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Skyrocketing Prescription Drug Prices – We Have a Solution

American drug prices have skyrocketed throughout the years and have caused financial stress and high out-of-pocket costs for individuals and families. Drug and prescription pricing affects all income levels, and reports stating the increases will continue, what is the solution? Not filling the medications needed, cutting the drugs in half, skipping doses, choosing between medication, …

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