Why Do Colds Seem Worse This Year Than Ever Before?

 After getting through a global pandemic, it seems as if the seasonal cold and respiratory illness has come back with a vengeance. This winter season, it seems as if many people have been experiencing sniffles or a cough but it always receiving negative COVID results. This runny nose and nagging cough seem to feel more intense and seem to last longer than they have in previous years.

According to the CDC, this respiratory illness is surging across the country. This surge isn’t surprising as around this time of year with many holidays, people gather more indoors due to the weather and often find themselves in less ventilated areas (homes, cars, planes, trains, or buses). However, there is nothing out of the ordinary about these viruses. The only thing that has changed is the precautions people are not taking at this stage of the pandemic.

Due to our isolation during the pandemic, the immune system has not been “challenged” enough because of all the precautions taken during the pandemic. It’s not that our immune systems have become weaker but we just have been separated from many of these viruses due to precautions taken during the pandemic.

There can be many factors causing influence getting the common cold like age, stress, diet, sleep patterns, drinking, and exercise habits. These factors can weaken your immune system if you are not taking care of your body to maintain its health.

While there is still no cure for the common cold, there are many things you can do to help your body recover back to full health. Staying hydrated, having a good sleep schedule, eating well, and taking medication when needed can all help in easing the symptoms. While seeing symptoms, like nasal congestion, sore throat, body aches, or fever, it is important to continue to maintain distance from others to stop the flow of germs.

The most simple way to prevent these germs can often come down to your hands. Keeping them clean, washing your hands, and keeping them away from your face can all help protect you from catching a cold. That also goes for things your hands touch, like doors, bathrooms, or any other high-touch areas, to keep those clean and disinfected to prevent germs from spreading.

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