LIG Health and Wellness Round-up – Spring 2024 Edition

Spring 2024 Edition: Healthy living ideas from around the Internet – The information below comes from leading experts and information resources on healthy living. LIG has curated these articles to help keep you up to date on the latest news, trends, and data on leading a healthier lifestyle, which can help save you money and keep your healthcare costs down when paired with the benefits of your health coverage.

From Healthy Living to Healthy Eating and Mental Health, the resources below will help keep you and your family healthy throughout 2024.

Healthy Living:

Exercise Could Help Your Heart by Calming the Brain: Study

Scientists Reveal Optimal Number of Daily Steps to Offset Sitting Down

Bright indicator lights ruining your sleep? You’re not alone. Here’s why they exist

On teens, nutrition, and exercise: How to encourage healthy habits

Doing This 1 Simple — But Unexpected — Thing While Taking A Walk Could Improve Your Health

The Best Side to Sleep on for Heart Health, According to Cardiologists


Healthy Eating:

22 Spring Desserts to Help Fight Inflammation

Research Shows Coffee Has 3 Health Benefits That Will Make You Want to Drink More

10 Surprising Foods That Give You Bloating And Gas

Low-Calorie Diet Has Unexpected Effect on Aging

20 Bright & Delicious Spring Casseroles for the Mediterranean Diet

Study Finds Daily Avocado Consumption Is Linked to Better Diet—Here’s Why


Mental Health:

Exercise changes the brain in a way that helps heart health, especially for people with depression

Caregiving for Parents Takes a Family

Feeling overwhelmed at work? Here’s how to cope with it

Viewing Procrastination Through a Humanistic Lens

Dogs Have Even More Benefits to Humans, Study Finds

Parental Engagement When an Adult Child Has a Mental Illness


Health Tips:

The Small Business Health Care Tax Credit

Dementia Experts Shared The 7 Things They Would Never Do, And We’re Taking Notes

You Won’t Believe How Much the Average Senior Spends on Healthcare

3 big changes coming to Medicare in 2025—and what they’ll mean for you

I’m a dentist – this is the huge mistake you are making when brushing your teeth

3 reasons long-term care insurance is better than paying out of pocket


LIG Solutions is not affiliated with any of these information sources, and this data is provided as a resource to help promote a healthy lifestyle. These curated articles are not intended to be medical advice, and if you have questions about this information, please talk with your physician or a trained medical professional to see if these ideas may benefit you.

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