What does the location of your headache mean for you?

Stress, too much screen time, and not enough sleep can all be causes of throbbing headaches. However, the location of the pain coming from your head can reveal exactly what to blame and how you should alleviate it.

Forehead Tension Headaches

Staring at a screen or reading in low light can cause strain on your eyes which can lead to pain that can be felt across your forehead. A good way to alleviate this pain would be to put down your phone or laptop and take a break from screens. Often a cold compress can help or change the lighting when you are on the laptop. These headaches can be triggered by stress and anxiety, so by taking a break from the screens and such, ibuprofen or paracetamol can help alleviate some of the pain.


Sore temples can be caused by many things. Many causes could be tension, toothaches, or migraines but it could also come down to a cluster headache. Cluster headaches, are caused by an inflammation of vessels or nerves in the area and tend to just affect one side of the head.

Back of the Head

When you experience pain in the back of the head, it typically is caused by tension surrounding your neck or spine. If you have had a recent injury or strain in your neck, this often causes that area to feel pain. If pain in the back of the head triggers a more intense pain within five minutes of starting and is accompanied by a fever, strong sensitivity of light, vision changes, or your balance is off, seek medical attention right away.

Right or Left Side of the Head

If you only have pain on one side of your head, this typically is due to a migraine. These are often accompanied by a sensitivity to light or sound and often can cause nausea. Other symptoms that can occur before a migraine strikes are excessive yawning, food cravings, or frequent urination.

Unfortunately, migraines can last between two hours and three days. Most headaches are benign, but if they become more frequent and excessive, it is best to see your medical provider.

Behind the Eyes

Often, pain that comes behind the eyes is a telltale sign of sinusitis. This pain comes along with seasonal allergies or during cold seasons. Your sinuses are located behind your cheekbones and forehead and are small, air-filled cavities. Headaches like this typically should start to wear off within a few hours. If you do not see any ease in pain, please seek medical advice.

When it comes to headaches, any sort of pain-relieving remedy can help depending on the location of the headache. If you find these headaches are reoccurring and causing discomfort, it is always best to seek medical attention.

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