LIG Health and Wellness Round-up – Winter 2024 Edition

Winter 2024 Edition: Healthy living ideas from around the Internet – The information below comes from leading experts and information resources on healthy living. LIG has curated these articles to help keep you up to date on the latest news, trends, and data on leading a healthier lifestyle, which can help save you money and keep your healthcare costs down when paired with the benefits of your health coverage.

From Health Living to Health Eating and Mental Health, you will find resources below to help keep you and your family healthy throughout 2024.

Healthy Living:

Why strength training is key to your long-term health

It Turns Out The “Grandmother Rule” Of Washing Your Body Is Correct

Can ‘exercise snacks’ help reach fitness goals?

Tackle these health issues to reduce risk of early dementia, study says

The #1 Activity to Support Your Heart Health, According to a Cardiologist

The #1 Type of Exercise You Should Start Doing ASAP if You Want To Live to 100, According to PTs


Healthy Eating:

21 Gut-Healthy Winter Dinners to Help You Lose Weight

The 8 Healthiest Fast-Food Breakfast Sandwiches, According to Dietitians

4 Anti-Inflammatory Proteins You Should Be Eating, According to a Dietitian

Why you should stop eating late at night — and other 3 simple changes to improve your health

Here’s What Eating Peanut Butter Does to Your Waistline

16 Low-Carb Anti-Inflammatory Dinner Recipes in Three Steps or Less


Mental Health:

3 Steps to Master Your Emotions and Be Your Best Self

The nature cure: how time outdoors transforms our memory, imagination and logic

Unhappy or anxious? How you sleep may be the cause

If you want to wake up happy every morning, say goodbye to these 9 habits

Here’s No. 1 thing mentally strong couples ‘never’ do, says relationship therapist of 20 years

Sometimes Therapy Is Not About Making You Feel Better


Health Tips:

America is hitting “peak 65” in 2024 as record number of boomers reach retirement age. Here’s what to know.

4 Things Too Many People Don’t Know About Medicare

5 surprising facts to know about long-term care insurance

Small-business owners battle to provide health benefits to their workers

New Department of Labor rule could reclassify countless gig workers as employees

Why Employers Need To Care About Every Aspect Of Employees’ Health


LIG Solutions is not affiliated with any of these information sources, and this data is provided as a resource to help promote a healthy lifestyle. These curated articles are not intended to be medical or financial advice, and if you have questions about this information, please talk with your physician or a trained medical professional to see if these ideas may benefit you.

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