Health Coverage Options after OEP and AEP

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Open Enrollment for the majority of the country ended December 15*. Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period ended on December 7. There are still options available for individuals, families, and businesses looking for 2021 health coverage.

LIG Solutions works with national insurance carriers across the US and has access to a full suite of supplemental coverage, Medicare/supplementals, and HRAs/business options.

Individuals who are over 65, and enrolled in Medicare that want to modify their plan, have a three-month window, January 1st through March 31, to do so. Some restrictions may be in place for changing plans including once you switch during the window period, the plan is locked in for the remainder of the year.

QLE’s (Qualifying Life Events) allow a special enrollment period for health coverage options on or off the marketplace exchange. QLE’s include marriage, divorce, death, birth, job change, job loss, or moving. Supplemental coverage options include dental, vision, disability, critical care, life, accident, and other wellness solutions. For individuals under 65, short-term insurance plans are available in most states and can act as a bridge to get you to the next Open Enrollment. Please note – not all options are ACA compliant outside of OEP, call LIG for more details.

Health coverage options for businesses are available year-round. This is not group insurance or a one-size-fits-all solution. HRAs or Health Reimbursement Arrangement provide individual health solutions for employees and their families.

LIG Solutions licensed advisors can walk through options that are available to you and your family outside of OEP or AEP.

Call 888-970-1309 to be connected with an advisor today!

*Some states have extended OEP deadlines – contact LIG Solutions to secure your coverage.

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