LIG Health and Wellness Round-up – Spring 2023 Edition

Spring 2023 Edition: Healthy Living Ideas from around the Internet – The information below comes from some leading experts and information resources on healthy living. LIG has curated these articles to help keep you up to date on the latest news, trends, and data on leading a healthier lifestyle which can help save you money and keep your health care cost down when paired with the benefits of your health coverage.

From Health Living to Health Eating and Mental Health, the resources below can help keep you and your family healthy throughout 2023.

Healthy Living:

Healing Your Gut Health Doesn’t Need to Feel Like a Puzzle

Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease With These 9 Tips

Walking just 11 minutes per day could lower risk of stroke, heart disease and some cancers significantly, study says

Sleep affects your immunity after vaccination. Here’s how

One chart shows why exercise only plays a tiny role in weight loss


Healthy Eating:

Mediterranean diet reduces dietary inflammation scores after six months

The 8 Best Drinks for Fighting Inflammation, According to Dietitians

A Harvard nutritionist eats these 10 foods to ‘fuel’ her brain and ‘stay sharp’

The 6 Best Drinks for Longevity, According to Doctors

The 6 Best Budget-Friendly Anti-Inflammatory Foods, According to a Dietitian


Mental Health:

7 Physically Calming Things You Can Do To Soothe a Stressed-Out Mind

10 simple ways to be a kinder person every day

Why Other People Don’t See Us the Same Way We Do

Bodies of People With Mental Illness Are Biologically Older Than Their Actual Age

That groggy feeling, when you wake up, might be sleep inertia: 3 ways to prevent it


Health Tips:

Here’s When You Should Be Screened for the Most Common Cancers

Record high share in U.S. report delaying medical treatments due to costs — here’s how you can save on health care

How this law reshaped medical billing, and what challenges remain for patients

Want to sound more assertive? Ditch these 4 phrases that make you look ‘weak or timid,’ say word experts

5 Reasons You Feel Colder With Age and What to Do About It


LIG Solutions is not affiliated with any of these information sources and this data is provided as a resource to help promote a healthy lifestyle. These curated articles are not intended to be medical advice. If you have questions about this information, please talk with your physician or a trained medical professional to see if these ideas may benefit you.

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