Have You Had Your Annual Wellness Visit for 2022?

This is your reminder to use your health coverage benefits for your annual wellness visit, dental cleaning, vision exam, or any preventive care.

The healthcare industry has seen an increase in individuals and families delaying their care for both serious illnesses and general wellness visits with their doctors or care team. But you still have time to schedule an appointment before the end of the year!

You are paying for the coverage even if you do not use it. In most cases, preventive visits will cost the copay of an office visit or nothing at all – please know that this varies by plan. Check your summary of benefits or call your insurance carrier (phone numbers are located on the back of your insurance card) to see what is covered. Most wellness or preventative visits are built into short-term coverage, Affordable Care Act plans, and Medicare. Delaying wellness visits can prevent the early detection of serious illnesses – don’t delay any longer!

Hospitals, treatment centers, doctor and physician offices have taken many precautions to ensure a safe and clean environment for all. Most places in the country are still requiring masks in the facilities – contact your medical center directly to review their current policies before your visit.

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