8 Tips for Healthy Eating in 2023 & How To Stay Fuller Longer

Eating healthy can seem so daunting at times, especially when making big changes within your own life or regular meal routine. To top it all off, it can be so difficult to go through a day without the ability to grab a healthy snack. So, whether you need to make it through an afternoon without overeating or you’re trying to keep your energy while not stopping for a quick bite, eating well-balanced and proper meals during the day can play a big part in helping you feel fuller for longer.

In learning ways to beat hunger throughout your day, you can find ways to feel fuller and longer and resist indulging in any unhealthy treats or snacking.

It is important to note that snacking is not the main reason why you can’t feel fuller for longer. There are many dietitians who, in fact, encourage snacking to help handle cravings, if you make healthy choices. Look at some tips on how to snack smart and not break your healthy eating.

1.) Adding Protein To Your Meals: Protein helps you feel full, however, incorporating some protein can make a difference in feeling fuller longer. Protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrates so when eaten together it can slow down how fast sugar gets into your bloodstream. This helps manage blood sugar levels and hunger levels for a period.

2.) Eat More Fiber: Even when adding a small amount into every meal or snack, it makes an easy way to keep you fuller longer. Fiber is digested slowly compared to other nutrients, therefore, keeping the gut fuller longer.

3.) Eat Crunchy Produce: Foods that have more crunchy qualities to them and take longer to chew tend to fill you up longer. Crunchy produce like apples, cucumbers, carrots, and celery tend to have higher water content and larger bites alongside. The combination of these two traits keeps them low in caloric density and activates the stomach’s stretch receptors more quickly.

4.) Drink More Water: Staying full doesn’t end with food. Hydration is key when it comes to controlling hunger as well. Sometimes, it is possible to mistake thirst for hunger because the thirst signals can be weak. Also, drinking water can activate the stretch receptors within your stomach that signal fullness to your hunger hormones and brain.

5.) Avoid White Carbs: As mentioned above, adding more fiber to a meal can aid in feeling full, but there are certain nutrients to avoid. Carbohydrate foods that are created with refined carbs (i.e. like ones found in white bread and pastries) should be avoided. Those types of carbs are processed quickly by your body and leave you feeling hungry shortly after. Some kinds of pasta dishes are made from refined carbs so it is better to eat more whole-grain sources like quinoa or whole wheat pasta. A good consideration would be replacing a morning pastry with oatmeal or a whole-grain option instead of traditional white bread.

6.) Sprinkle In Healthy Fats: A meal that is balanced with a little bit of healthy fat will ensure that your feed will continue to make you feel content throughout the day.

7.) Balance Your Blood Sugar: By keeping track of your blood sugar, it can make a huge difference when you need to feel full throughout the day.

8.) Make Your Yearly Doctors Appointment: With everything being said, it is important to consult your doctor with any questions you have regarding your body. As we enter into 2023, take some time to contact your doctor, set your yearly check-up, and consult them with questions you may have.         

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