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This is your home for affordable health insurance coverage plans for individuals/families with major medical policies, Medicare/supplementals. vision, dental, critical care, and various supplemental insurance coverage options using your employer-funded Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) program!
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The LIG team of licensed advisors is ready to find you the right plan that works for you today and in the future, with the benefits offered to you by Ullman Oil Company. LIG will assist you in every step of navigating today's complex health insurance marketplace to build you the perfect plan that is affordable and provides the right level of coverage – LIG can help you can control your deductible, find insurance plans that include your current doctors, and is built around your health needs.

Finding the right health plan is simple! Schedule your one-on-one appointment with your LIG licensed advisor who will ask you basic questions about your current family, health, and financial situation, and they will tell you what plans are best for you - we take the guesswork and stress out of finding health insurance.

The Ullman Oil Company Employee Health Insurance Program powered by LIG Solutions is designed to offer you concierge service to assist you in getting individual and/or family health insurance coverage options. These plans include coverage options from the leading insurance carriers and are tailored to fit your individual financial and health needs.

Call today to speak directly to our team of licensed advisors to get your no-obligation health insurance assessment for major medical, Medicare/supplemental, vision, dental, critical care, accident medical plans, disability income protection, life, supplemental Insurance coverage, and more!


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* Not a complete carrier list and carrier availability is based on your geographic location as not all carriers offer coverage options in every state.

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Our team of licensed advisors will find you and your family the best coverage that fits your financial and health needs.

Types of Policies

Major Medical

Major medical insurance is a comprehensive policy designed to help you and your family pay for covered healthcare expenses ranging from preventive services to emergency care and much more! (ACA Compliant Plans)


We assist seniors in finding the right Medicare Advantage and  Medicare Supplemental plans that are designed to help cover you on all the various deductibles, co-payments and coinsurance charges that Medicare alone does not include and much more.

Dental and Dental

Dental and Vision Insurance helps pay for the cost of visits to a dentist or eye doctor for basic or preventive services. This can include dental options like teeth cleaning, X-rays, and vision options that helps offset the costs of routine eye exams and helps pay for vision correction wear, like eyeglasses, that may be prescribed by physicians or eye-care specialists.

Critical Care

Critical illness insurance are intended to pay a lump sum cash payment for covered illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, cancer and more.


Supplemental insurance plans will pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses, such as deductibles, copayments, coinsurance and accidents as well as other events that can keep you from doing what you love.

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Our no-obligation health insurance assessment can help you find the best options for you and your family

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Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, LIG Solutions specializes in offering comprehensive, turn-key insurance solutions for individuals/families, businesses/employees, associations, societies, NGB, membership organizations, and other affinity groups. With more than 30 years of combined experience in the health, life, and Medicare insurance industry, LIG has successfully distributed more than 60,000 insurance policies per year nationwide and delivers member benefit programs centered on health and wellness initiatives.

About This Program

The Ullman Oil Company LIG Employee Health Insurance Program powered by LIG Solutions is designed to offer you concierge service to employees in need of Individual and Family health insurance coverage options. These plans include coverage options from the leading insurance carriers and are tailored to fit your individual financial and health needs. Call today to speak directly to our team of licensed advisors to get your no-obligation health insurance assessment for major medical, short term policies, Medicare/supplementals, vision, dental, critical care, accident medical plans, disability income protection, supplemental Insurance coverage, and more!

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