The Body Isn’t The Only Thing That Needs Diet and Exercise, Your Brain Does Too

As we age, our brain continues to age with it which comes with its own concerns. While it is completely normal to struggle with the small things like where you left your keys last or remembering people’s names, we all hope to avoid any serious cognitive ailment.

While some cognitive impairments come with their own difficulties, it does have underlying pathological causes that continue to be researched today. The brain can begin to lose function just with poor mental, physical, and social health, but this can be preventable by maintaining an active life. In the same way, you create exercise routines for your body, you should also create a routine for your brain health.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is: if it is good for the health of your heart then it is good for the health of your brain. When your body is getting regular exercise and eating healthy, it helps to promote a healthy brain. When they are all working together, healthy results follow. Another aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is staying active in your social life and participating in activities that help promote an expansion of learning. It is so important to do so because it helps encourage a healthy brain and keep it active.

The summertime is most likely to be a great time to set up new habits and find new ways to maintain healthy brain aging. The warmer weather invites more outdoor activities and allows more opportunities to discover new hobbies to help both the brain and the body. Additionally, summer is a great time for rediscovering seasonal produce to add to your diet. Fresh produce brings in compounds called plant polyphenols—such compounds aid in fighting off disease and generally promote cellular health. Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, and red wine are all great sources of polyphenols.

A great way of thinking about exercising your brain would be through “neurobics” which is aerobics for the brain when you do activities differently or perhaps change your routine on a whim. Taking a different route home or a different route on your walk, going to a different grocery, or just exploring something new are all great examples to exercise your “neurobics” and helps activate the unfamiliarity creating an opportunity for problem-solving.

These activities, hobbies, dietary changes, and challenges aid in achieving a healthy brain and, in turn, a healthy lifestyle.

Talk to your physician today and schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider to discuss more healthy habits for your brain and body.


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